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What is temporary housing?

Temporary Housing, also known as corporate housing  (and serviced apartments internationally), is a niche lodging segment providing temporary accommodation needs for 30 days or longer. Unlike a hotel, temporary apartments are located in residential apartment communities where the short term apartment is next to neighbors who reside permanently at the community.

Temporary housing apartments are in newer, upscale apartment communities and have the following amenities:

  • Complete apartment furniture package, including living room furniture, dining furniture, bedroom furniture, artwork, televisions, and small kitchen appliances.
  • Linen and bedding packages including towels, sheets, comforters, blankets, and pillows.
  • House ware items such as dishes, cookware, silverware, and other needed items.
  • Electric, cable TV, high speed internet, and telephone service included.
  • Fully serviced, Nomad handles any issue that needs attention during your stay.

What is Nomad Temporary Housing?

Nomad Temporary Housing is an independent provider of temporary housing for 30 days or longer. We have one of the largest selections of temporary apartments in the world. We work with over 750 quality partners providing 74,000 apartments in over 9,100 property locations around the world. This unparalleled selection gives you the exact apartment you desire, at a price that meets your budget.

Why should I choose Nomad over other temporary housing providers?

Nomad is the only full service, yet fully independent provider of temporary housing. We do not carry our own long term apartment leases or carry our own properties in inventory as others do. Instead, we work with numerous quality partners in each market we serve to provide you a much wider array of location and price choices than any one traditional temporary housing company. Others may only offer what they have as a vacant unit the day you call, without regard for your neighborhood or budget request.  We find you what you want, where you want it, and when you want it.

Nomad provides you the choices of many apartments from quality partners, while remaining your one point of contact throughout the process. We handle everything from your reservation request to all of your needs during a stay, as well as all billing and payment arrangements.

Nomad operates as a five star service provider. We are here to serve your needs 24/7. Our associates have been carefully selected, trained, and have a passion for hospitality. The Nomad Certified Partner network has a combined staff of over 5,000 associates dedicated to providing and maintaining quality accommodations when, how, and where you need them. Nomad's Certified Partners were carefully selected from years of experience rating their service and products. In addition, each adheres to rigorous Nomad standards as outlined in specific service level agreements.

Nomad uses the latest technology to insure stellar service response. Our NomadTrak CRM software tracks any problem you may encounter or need you may have during your stay.  This includes a receipt request, a clogged kitchen sink or even a noisy neighbor. Requests are handled promptly, and NomadTrak allows you to receive progress updates and completion updates via text, email, or phone. NomadTrak also provides updates to company management, and even to client contacts if needed.

What else makes Nomad a better fit for me?

Nomad was built with the input of many of the largest temporary housing users in the world. This collective advisory group helped craft Nomad’s service and product approach. In addition to our independent selection model, Nomad offers several more service advantages:

  • Nomad’s locations and website (www.nomadtemphousing.com) are linked to NomadSearch to provide a huge array of information about the area around your Nomad Temporary home.
  • We find out your “Needs, Wants & Desires” to provide you with the perfect temporary apartment. Are you looking for a special area or apartment community? Do you need a certain school district location for your children? Do you desire a bottom floor, or a top floor? With our access to numerous partners in each market we service, we will find you a great choice!
  • For our corporate clients, we can provide one point of contact for all of your needs with a Nomad account manager and consolidated billing for every location.  We can even manage multiple roommate billing to individual departments.
  • Nomad is paperless. Nomad features all electronic signatures to make your rental and departure agreements stress free. No printing, signing and faxing or scanning of forms.

Are Nomad rates competitive?

Absolutely! Nomad is the only company that sends your reservation request out to numerous quality providers in the area you wish to reside. Many of our partners have leased apartments in the same high quality communities, yet their individual rates vary based on occupancy levels. As a result, you benefit from firms offering a lower price to fill an apartment as Nomad passes these savings on to you!

What is the difference with a Nomad apartment vs. a hotel/suite hotel?

Nomad’s temporary apartments are in actual apartment communities where your neighbors are permanent residents, instead of a hotel guest in the room next to you who stays an average of three days. These residential properties are home, not home like. You can get comfortable for a month or two, or a year or two. Hang your photos, decorate and really “move in” during your temporary stay.

Nomad’s corporate apartments are less expensive than any business travel hotel. They feature full size kitchens, with a wide array of kitchen items made for real cooking, not just a microwave, like you find in a suite hotel kitchenette. Almost all of our apartments feature a full size washer/dryer, as opposed to a cramped laundry room at a hotel.

Each bedroom and closet is home size, not hotel size. Large queen beds and ample furniture are standard, and a separate living room truly gives you room to stretch out.

When you have a short term stay, or a housing need in a remote area where no temporary apartments exist, Nomad works with every quality suite hotel brand. Nomad spends tens of millions of dollars per year with our housing brands, giving us enormous buying power we pass on to you. We will find you the best possible housing choices, for a day, week, a month or longer.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

Most locations require a 30 day minimum stay in North America. Outside North America, most locations are available for less than 30 days as well. 

Where are Nomad temporary apartments located?

Nomad has over 74,000 temporary apartments, townhomes, and condominiums in 9,100 locations in every major market in the world.

What is included in a Nomad Temporary Housing apartment?

Nomad provides everything you need for living and working. The apartments have a wide array of furniture, housewares, linens, electronics and artwork. All utilities are included, as is cable TV service, high speed internet, and basic telephone service. Housekeeping is standard in some areas such as London; however it is optional in most areas. Long distances calls are an additional cost. Parking is free and included at most locations, but can be optional or an extra fee in certain cities such as London and New York.

What kind of properties does Nomad have in its portfolio?

Most of our locations are in upscale apartment communities built in the last 5-12 years.  Suburban areas feature mostly three or four story garden style apartment communities. These properties have a wide array of recreational amenities such as large swimming pools and spas, fitness centers, and clubhouses with additional amenities. Urban properties are mostly mid-rise or high-rise built properties, many with 24/7 doormen or concierge staffs. These properties occasionally have swimming pools, many have fitness centers and guest recreation floors. Practically all of our communities have some form of controlled access in the buildings and/or parking areas.

How are Nomad Star ratings derived?

As Nomad has the world’s largest selection of temporary apartments, we want you to better understand the apartment community, and apartment interior choices before making your selection. Nomad Temporary Housing is the first firm to provide a common star rating system to help you choose the property and apartment that is right for you and your budget.

Over 80% of our apartment choices carry the Four Star, or Four and ½ Star rating. These properties are typically built within the last seven years, or have undergone a recent total renovation. These temporary apartments are fitted with superior quality furniture, house wares and linens. Most have flat screen televisions. This is the typical industry standard and allows you to receive a very consistent product and service experience wherever you go.

Five Star accommodations make up 13% of our choices. These are the finest properties, many of which are sleek high-rise developments in New York, Miami, Chicago, Vancouver, San Francisco, London, and Los Angeles. Five star garden style properties also are a common choice in many of the larger cities such as Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego and Denver. Five star communities have 24/7 doorman or security staff, upgraded apartment interiors, are typically built within the last five years, and are in superior locations. Additional amenities include flat screen televisions, upscale furniture, linens, bedding and kitchen amenities.

Three Stars, or Three and ½ Star levels represent 7% of our locations. These are budget locations that are typically recently renovated, yet usually built before 1995. They provide a great choice for intern groups, and other budget minded individuals and firms.  Most suburban locations include a washer/dryer in the apartment, a basic furniture package, and mid-level housewares and linens.

Nomad typically does not feature lower than Three Star accommodation levels in order to insure service and quality levels are met.

Are pets welcome?

Yes! Nomad offers pet friendly locations in every city we serve. Some locations have weight limitations or breed restrictions on certain types of dogs. Pet deposits are required and some locations also require a monthly pet fee in the rent to allow for the additional property care from pet occupied apartments.

Are Nomad temporary accommodations smoke free?

Most locations are smoke-free. However, even apartments that are designated to allow cigarette smoking may charge up to $400 at departure to remove the smoke odor from apartment furniture, carpeting, bedding and even walls. Smoking in a smoke free designated apartment can be even more expensive to recondition.