Property Descriptions

High-rise and Mid-rise Temporary Apartments

High-rise and Mid-rise Temporary ApartmentsNomad Temporary Housing features temporary apartments in high-rise or mid-rise apartment communities and condominiums. These apartments and condos are either four stars or five star levels. Most buildings feature the benefit of a 24/7 doorman or concierge to serve you.

These properties are generally located in large urban settings, city downtown zones, and occasionally in greater metro locations. Nomad has high-rise locations in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, London, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Toronto.

These fine properties often include city views from upper floors, and are often conveniently located near major employers and public transportation. Most locations in New York and London do not include car parking. Car parks are nearby, though, albeit for a hefty rate.


Garden Style Temporary Apartments

Garden Style Temporary ApartmentsToday’s garden style temporary apartments are not the square, flat roofed boxes from a generation ago. Nomad’s four star and five star properties feature quality style and architectural details found in fine homes. These properties may have stairs up one level, but many have elevators, as many are three to five stories tall. Parking is included in most locations, and is often in garages adjacent to your home.

Interior appointments include upscale furniture, designer kitchens, en-suite washers and dryers, and all are gated communities.

Recreational amenities vary by region, but you can expect fitness centers, pools, and club rooms at 90% of our locations.


Serviced Apartments – International Locations

Serviced Apartments  International LocationsTemporary Apartments are known as serviced apartments outside of the United States. International locations are also a little more hotel like, as most provide a 24/7 front desk or concierge for your service. Also for your convenience, the majority of our international locations are available for rent by the day or week.

The building styles and architecture vary widely; many are high-rise style communities similar to what you would find in New York or Chicago. You will also find overseas locations in beautiful buildings from a different period. Our wonderful townhouses in the Kensington neighborhood of London may have been built 200 years ago; however, they have been totally renovated and now feature modern interiors.

Whether you are in a sleek high-rise in Vancouver, or in a stunning building in Paris, interior accommodations remain pretty consistent with quality furnishings, linens, kitchen items and the like. You can expect more frequent housekeeping services in some countries. While weekly housekeeping is the standard in most cities, some have daily housekeeping services.

Recreational amenities vary widely, from no amenities at all to virtual adult playgrounds with unusual features such as climbing walls, saunas, and yoga instructors.