Nomad Launches Mobile App!

Designed with our guests in mind. Our mobile app provides the ability to search properties, book apartments, view arrival instructions, map directions and submit service requests, all encompassed in one place. Download in the Apple Store today!



Nomad Technology at a glance

Nomad employs leading edge, yet proven technologies to provide the best possible level of service to our clients and guests.

Our goals for our valued guests include providing a simple rental process, a wonderful arrival experience, and an easy, problem-free stay. On the client side; we insure you receive the information you need, the reports you need, and the billing format you need, all when you need it.

Our software and technology includes:

Nomad’s website is more than photos and text. This website holds reams of data for each of our 2,200 properties. We use this data to select the best possible rental option for our clients. With you can send us a service request, request general information, and learn about your new temporary home and it is surroundings. Our robust website has also been designed for ease of use and navigation.

OSCAR Temporary Housing Software

OSCAR is the leading corporate and temporary housing software application available. It provides property management, financial accounting, reservation systems to manage Nomad’s worldwide rental capabilities, and numerous other business applications. We have the ability to bill in numerous currencies (VAT certified), bill daily, weekly, or in 30 day increments. Our systems handle credit card processing accurately and securely. Our system also manages multiple roommates, block rentals, and all key guest/client information.


Nomad employs NomadTrack, a state of the art CRM system that allows our associates and leadership to track, handle and follow up on every service request of any nature, worldwide. From a simple request such as providing a receipt, to handling an urgent air conditioner issue in 100 degree heat, NomadTrack communicates issues instantly.  NomadTrack communication technology updates guests via text messaging, email and voicemail to keep our guests well informed until any request is resolved.

Cloud Computing:

Nomad is one of the first corporate housing companies in America to deploy all software on established servers off-site with one of the world’s largest IT server farms. This IT option provides numerous redundancies, 99.97% uptime, instant 24/7 worldwide access for our staff members, and unmatched security. Our platforms meet all of the latest security, disaster recovery, and redundancy protocols called for with our relocation, government and private industry clients. All information and entries are backed up daily, many back ups occurring with each keystroke.


Embedded in our website, property descriptions, and all arrival documents is a link to NomadSearch. NomadSearch is a premier tool for all of your questions on living like a local in your new neighborhood. Nomad developed this tool to provide useful and current information on your property’s area restaurants, schools, nightlife, DMV offices, points of interests, and practically anything else you can imagine. To begin, search for properties on our website and go to More Information, Area Map.