It's not what we say, it's what just a few of our customers say about Nomad
that makes us special….

“Nomad Temporary Housing is my procurement department's dream.”

Senior Relocation Director of one of America’s largest entertainment conglomerates, regarding Nomad’s proprietary reservation bid system that seeks out the best market rates every day.


"Nomad's founder asked me to review their business plan before they launched. The model of unbiased selection was very innovative, and a market disrupter. When Nomad opened, we tested out the concept. Since then, we have been extremely pleased with their execution of unbiased options, superior rate variety, and their high service level. We have been thrilled using Nomad. They truly aggregated the temp housing industry"

Scott Carroll, President, Odyssey Relocation Management

“I just love Nomad, it is especially appealing for my summer interns.”

Senior Relocation Manager from one of America’s largest IT hardware manufacturers in regard to Nomad’s unique ability to house large intern groups by consolidating the inventory of numerous partners in the fewest possible locations.

“We’re all very excited about the opportunities to build our partnership with Nomad.  We  appreciate all you do to make our jobs a little easier, but still give us confidence that we’re offering high quality options."

Relocation management company consultant regarding  Nomad's ability to source broadly on her client's behalf.

“I give Nomad two thumbs up!”

Vice president of a mid-size and growing relocation company after seeing how Nomad can give his clients multiple options and save time for his relocation counselors.

“So far everything has been just fantastic.....the serviced apartment is just superb.
Thanks for everything. You are a super star. Moving into a new country was made super easy thanks to  you....."

International Nomad guest commenting on his service experience with his reservation coordinator.

“Nomad is groundbreaking. Your firm revolutionizes the temporary housing industry. Your technology is very, very innovative.”

Senior relocation manager of Fortune 50 Technology Firm referring to Nomad’s “industry firsts”:  technology offerings, service capabilities and controls, and business model that aggregates the highly fragmented temporary housing industry.


"Thanks. Joanna! It was fantastic and we enjoyed New York a lot and it helped us settle into the new place very quickly.  I appreciate all the help you have given us throughout our stay. It was not easy coming in to a new place but thanks to you it was pretty easy to acclimatize to the US"

Fortune 100 guest complimenting his reservation manager.