Our firm is based on one simple premise: To serve the needs, wants and desires of our nomadic customers.  Our Vision, Mission and Value statements reflect this core ideal.


To be the finest independent and unbiased provider of temporary housing accommodations in the world, offering the best choices for our customers,  putting their needs above all else.


  • Nomad will provide our customers with unparalleled choice when selecting temporary housing accommodations, at competitive rates via our proprietary bid system.
  • Nomad will provide the superior service of one centralized company, providing one point of contact, one invoice, and fanatical attention to customer satisfaction. Nomad will carefully select apartments and partners to insure service is consistently exceptional.
  • Nomad is independent and unbiased. We are not bound to our own properties or leased apartment inventory as we do not carry any long term leases. This will insure our offerings are always in the clients best interest.


  • Customers:  Our customers have our supreme focus.  This includes the clients who place business with Nomad for their employees, as well as the valued guests who stay with us. We listen to our customers every step of the way.  
  • Service: We provide the superior service our customers deserve and demand. Nomad will consistently exceed expectations. We will respond to any issue in a timely manner and resolve problems in the best possible fashion. We take the stress out of being a Nomadic traveler.
  • Associates:  Nomad is founded on dignity, respect, and appreciation of our associates in the firm. We believe in a fun and enjoyable work environment. Each member of the team is empowered to handle any client need, instantly. By treating our associates with the highest regard, we in turn will serve our customers the same way.
  • Nomad Certified Partners: Nomad will work only with quality temporary housing provider partners, firms that are renowned for service and quality. Nomad will treat these firms as valued partners, and create mutually beneficial business relationships.
  • Technology and Innovation: We are at the leading edge of the industry. We provide useful tools to insure stays with Nomad are stress free and enjoyable. For client contacts, we provide the detailed information, reports, and solutions that demonstrate Nomad is truly a strategic partner, not just a supplier.
  • Integrity: Nomad will operate with the highest level of integrity. Our unbiased and independent placement of our clients’ housing requests will always be fulfilled based on the customer’s requirements. We will never offer choices based on commission rate, or other incentive.
  • Community: Nomad encourages both industry and community service by our associates and partners. Nomad will work to improve the temporary housing industry and the communities where we do business. Nomad charities of choice are The Wounded Warriors Project and The American Cancer Society.